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Walking with ProLoco edition 2016 Walking with ProLoco edition 2016
(Italiano) Le Pro Loco insieme per promuovere un nuovo modello di scoperta del territorio. Walking with ProLoco edition 2016

Pro Loco together to promote a new model of discovery the territory. Two proposals tied by the approach “slow” and by the desire to interest and excite throw rich and authentic experiences.

Valsassina on foot

Climb towards pastures and lodges, in the presence of unmistakable cutouts of Lecco’s Prealps, on trace of secolary traditions.

On tracks of a Wayfarer

Moves along the famous Wayfarer’s Trail that coasts the Lake of Como that gives fantastic views, historical and religious testimonies, geological singularity, rural and woodland scenes in a unique environment of world renown.

Trails are of easy practicability, appropriate for all the families.

The length of itineraries is from 5 to 15 km.

The duration of excursions is, generally, of a whole day, with packed lunch or agreed upon. Is expected a participation rate.

Along some routes are expected tastes and visits to producers of the territory.


24 of July 2016 – Ballabio

Between tastes and knowledge

Meeting: 9.00 am

Pro Loco, via Confalonieri 2/a

Return: 5.00 pm

Phone: 3488103699

6 of August 2016 – Morterone

The charm of nature and the consult of the art

Meeting: 9.00 am

Morterone, square of Pro Loco

Return: 4.30 pm

Phone: 3318766587 –

4 of September 2016 – Colico, Piantedo

Shrine Madonna of Valpozzo

Meeting: 8.30 am

Colico, Turistique Office, road Pontile 7

Length: 10/12 km

Phone: 3491527899 – 3389920917

11 of September 2016 – Lierna

Meeting: 8.30 am

Lierna, Station FS

Length: 10 km demanding trail

Phone: 3382046991

18 of September 2016 – Bellano, Dervio, Corenno Plinio

Meeting: 8.30 am Bellano, Station FS

Length: 8 km

Phone: 3358370446 – 3388696775 –

25 of September 2016 –  Bellano, Perledo, Sorgente Fiumelatte, Varenna

Meeting: 8.30 am Bellano, Station Fs

Length: 10 km

Phone: 0341830367 – 335677571 –

2 of October 2016 – Abbadia Lariana, Mandello Lario

Meeting: 8.30 am, Abbadia, Park Ulisse Guzzi (Square of Pines)

Length: 8 km

Phone: 3355470555 – 3332014538 –