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“Ghost Town – FREERIDE”, first edition at Consonno “Ghost Town – FREERIDE”, first edition at Consonno
(Italiano) Il 18 e il 19 giùgno avrà luogo il primo evento dell'associazione: sarà una due giorni per appassionati di skateboard e non solo,... “Ghost Town – FREERIDE”, first edition at Consonno

Consonno. This is the location that a group of skater from Sbanda Brianza has chosen to his trainings. The partnership has born in 2015 and it’s formed by about thirty of longboard lovers, a specific tipe of skateboard with longer board. Because of the streets of Consonno are always blocked, the organizers decided to opt for the “Ghost Town” to allow people to train with no danger. The first event promoted by Sbanda Brianza will be the 18th and 19th of June. It will be a two days occurrence for skateboard lovers and everyone who want to try something different. Sbanda Brianza aim to attract a lot of people: there will be markets, downhills, skateboard ramps, live concerts and much more. Matteo Dell’Orto, president of Sbanda Brianza; says in an interview: “In this event we want to see to every aspect of this sport”. The club Amici di Consonno will help the organizers keeping the bar open and dealing with cooking. Matteo Dell’Orto hopes that the two associations will “Cooperate together again to value the town of Consonno which is very interesting and beautiful”.

Saturday 18
12.00-14.00 – welcome riders
14.00-17.30 – freeride
18.00-23.00 – afterparty, dancing + ramps, music, espositions, bbq…

Sunday 19
9.00-10.00 – breakfast + welcome riders
10.0-12.00 – freeride
12.00-14.00 – lunch
14.00-17.00 – freeride + slide jam
17.00 18.00 – closing party + prizes